The M7.Orthosis

  simple | affordable | responsible
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simple | affordable | responsible
  • A Magnificent Seven Variable Script
  • Quick to Prescribe
  • No Messy Casts required
  • No Scans required
  • Includes integrated Additions
  • Price Sensitive
  • Competitive Product
  • Environmental Upgrade Options
  • A Great Start

Optional Extras

  • You choose level of customisation
  • Upgrade with Sustainable features
  • Additions priced separately to shell

You asked. We worked. We are now proud to provide you with a simple 7 Step customisable foot orthosis which has a variety of upgradable options built into it.

The M7 has been specifically designed to guide you through the 7 key biomechanical requirements for a standard custom orthosis. This allows you and your clients to access the Footprint Hub approach to local communities, sustainable process materials and design expertise at a competitive price.

We supply the M7 Orthosis with the same clarity and cost transparency as seen in all our other ranges of custom orthotic products. Please ask one of our staff for a transparent cost arrangement to suit your practice.

A simple tool to get a solid clinical outcome. Machine made. No frills. No brainer.

The M7 is designed to be a bare printed 3/4 length device, bespoke to your instructions within the framework of the following biomechanical variables:

  1. Shoe Size (converted to mm)
  2. Maximum Forefoot Width (bisecting 1st and 5th met markings)
  3. Maximum Heel Width  (bisecting plantar heel markings)
  4. Peak medial arch height
  5. Peak lateral arch height
  6. Intrinsic rear foot post angle (medial or lateral)
  7. Shell Thickness (mm)

For a small addition, the M7 can be fitted with our standard range of bamboo based combi compressive top-covers.

Due to the popularity of this range in the UK we are able to offer you additional options of EVA and Carbon, however these are not very friendly to the environment in their production 😢, and take a little longer to make due to the humans involved. To sustainably support these families appropriately, we need to charge extra for the work they do. You can however, rest assured that your Footprint Hub products and services are drawn from sustainable sources and work processes that contribute positively to our world.

Think about:

What you want? When do you want it? How much are you willing to pay? What it costs the Planet to supply the previous three?

Transparent | Affordable | Responsible

Price will vary depending you your region. Please contact for more information on supply in your local area.

A competitive, thoughtful product with access to leading minds in the design, manufacture and delivery of the worlds best medical grade foot orthoses starts at around £60 Great British Pounds (or your local equivalent).

Expect to pay an extra £5 – £15 more for additions you may need. We pay UK tax and are required to charge VAT on all our products and services. It helps us all contribute to the Greatness that is Britain. Thank you for supporting us in supporting it.

As always – Transparent | Affordable | Responsible.

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