Safeguard System
Guard against life’s little mishaps


Safeguard plans are an effective way to manage for life’s little mishaps or the inevitable growth that occur in children’s feet.

The plan spans over a two year period that gives you piece of mind and guard against expensive loss, damage or crucial interruptions to your orthotic therapies.

Available per one pair of devices only.

Available on back-order

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The Footprint Hub Safeguard System is a comprehensive plan to provide you with TWO YEARS protection on your medically prescribed foot orthoses when purchased within six weeks of the registered date of original manufacture.

What does Safeguard Cover?

  • Two year period from the date of manufacture
  • One outgrowth replacement pair (under 18’s only)
  • Two prescription adjustments in first 6 months
  • Replacement*
  • Refurbishment**
  • Customer Rewards
  • Return for ‘end of life’ orthosis recycling program

* There is a materials surcharge for the manufacture of replacement orthoses to original prescribed design. This charge is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing a new pair.

** On devices that qualify for refurbishment. No modifications to prescriptions permitted.