Pre-Designed Insoles
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Simple, durable, backfilled insoles to an industry standard, in a sustainable way.
Recycle your existing custom orthoses here.
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The Footprint Hub always looks to challenge itself and its customers to look at sustainability in all aspects of their choice of products and business processes. Our prefabricated approach is no different. A quick search of the the prefabricated insole market, you can see that it is awash with mass produced insoles or various qualities and durability. How is a consumer to know what is good or not.

Now mass production has its own benefits to the environmental footprint of the product. Per unit cost and high production efficiencies can reduce the load of wastage and promote sustainable processes. Challenges are the burdens offloaded to the community and environment that materials, manufacturing process, waste management and transport footprints involved with providing such products.

The Footprint Hub is investing in a range of pre-designed orthoses that have the same social and environmental consciousness attached. We look to be an advocate to those that produce these pre-designed treatment options in an open, community aware, sustainable way.

Did you notice we said pre-designed, not mass produced? The latter more often looks to produce at at the lowest financial cost, leaning on community and environment to do so. This is not the Footprint Hub way.

At this point in time, our pre-made range is an insole that has been fitted into the backfill space of a 3D printing cycle. This ensures the maximal loading each time the machine is turned on and importantly; the most out the energy to run that machine is maximised.

The footprint hub has taken the challenge to offer a 3D prefab range that:

  • Is a biproduct of existing processes
  • Gets the most out of materials and energy heavy processes used in production
  • Produces a durable (non-throw away) product
  • Is biomechanically appropriate
  • Easy end of life recyclability (see recycle program) is imbedded to the designs

Wellcome to our approach of mass-renewability.

Additional information

Size (mm)

120 (Approx. AU Child 5), 125 (AU Child 5.5), 130 (AU Child 6), 135 (AU Child 6.5), 140 (AU Child 7), 145 (AU Child 8), 150 (AU Child 8.5), 155 (AU Child 9), 160 (AU Child 9.5), 165 (AU Child 10), 170 (AU Child 11), 175 (AU Child 11.5), 180 (AU Child 12), 185 (AU Child 12.5), 190 (AU Child 13), 195 (AU Child 13.5), 200 (AU Womens 2), 205 (AU Womens 3), 210 (AU Womens 4), 215 (AU Womens 5), 220 (AU Womens 5.5), 225 (AU Mens 4), 230 (AU Mens 4.5), 235 (AU Mens 5), 240 (AU Mens 5.5), 245 (AU Mens 6), 250 (AU Mens 6.5), 255 (AU Mens 7), 260 (AU Mens 8), 265 (AU Mens 8.5), 270 (AU Mens 9), 275 (AU Mens 9.5), 280 (AU Mens 10), 285 (AU Mens 11), 290 (AU Mens 11.5), 295 (AU Mens 12), 300 (AU Mens 12.5), 305 (AU Mens 13), 310 (AU Mens 13.5), 315 (AU Mens 14), 320 (AU Mens 14.5), 325 (AU Mens 15), 330 (AU Mens 15.5), 335 (AU Mens 16), 340 (AU Mens 16.5), 345 (AU Mens 17), 350 (AU Mens 17.5), 355 (AU Mens 18), 360 (AU Mens 18.5)

Stiffness (Shell Thickness)

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Stock Template Designs

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