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The design only service is for those looking to engage our team of specialist industrial designers to produce a pre-designed true to foot orthotic shape they can use themselves or under licence within their own product range.

Access premiere 3D manufactured devices, locally.

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The Footprint Hub has a team of resident design podiatrists and engineers that can take you through the product design process to create your very own products. With a variety of design ownership options, you can then use the design as your clinical / personal brand in whatever way you choose.

The design only service is for those looking to produce a pre-designed orthotic shape themselves or under licence to their own product range. You should:

  • Have the idea of a shape of device that you like to work with
  • Want to create this design as the base of your devices every time
  • Have the time to engage with the entire design process
  • Have appropriate professional indemnity and product liability insurance to cover approved medical products in your region of service

Access premiere 3D manufactured devices, locally.

Please note: That an appropriately trained and registered medical professionals need to sign off on each and every final design.

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Concept Only, Under Licence, Own the Design Outright


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