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Lab communication schmoonication. Its easy.
So why cant we get it right?

A brief commentary on formats of communication between prescribers and orthotic manufacturing labs.

From the dawn of time humans have been communicating, mostly verbally. The earliest recorded symbols we have found, date back almost 30,000 year BC. The processes of communication have been the building block of human society and social interactions since. So what have we learnt?

Fast forward 30,000 years, Today we have virtually instant access to numerous tools and processes to convey information from our internal mind, to the world around us. The following topic challenges us to consider the formats of communication when communicating what we want to a manufacturing lab and handy tools labs can use to check that the information they have received is correct. All thanks largely to the research and proving grounds that is relationship management. Thanks Mum.

Have you paused to consider the amount and format of communication in the modern clinical process? Is there possibly too much of a good thing? As modern custom orthoses manufacturing practitioners, take a break and consider…
  • Is the tool available to us the best thing to use for all participants?
  • Does the tool do what we think it does?
  • Do the other parties receiving the information understand it in this format?
  • Sitting here, independently reviewing yet another conflict between practitioner and orthoses manufacturer I can’t help see that there is inevitably a break down in some part of these three basic critical assessment questions that has allowed the communication process between two or more people break down.

    ” practitioner has requested the full cost of custom product to be refunded as it did not meet the picture in their head “

    These series of topics explore some of the many possible reasons for failure of process. They continue by reviewing a few tools that may help us (the busy practitioner) to minimise very costly miss-communication errors.

    The world of human communications can be nicely surmised by the iconic words of Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston, 1965

    " It takes two... baby "

    What is Communication?

    In simple terms, communication is the process by which an accurate exchange of information occurs between individuals and/or groups of people. Good communication is evidenced by all parties satisfied with the resulting action / products generated by the interaction. Win Win Win situation.

    So… What does good communication (to a lab) look like…? Find out here.

    Before you get back to your feet...

    Have you ever requested the manufacture of a car to your fully customised specifications?
    If you were… would the manufacturer require complete sign off on the design before they commenced manufacture?

    What do we currently expect in orthoses manufacture? Is this a sustainable position for both businesses (and the community working within them) to maintain?

    Have you tried one of our PodBytes yet...?

    Every now and then, something comes along that makes sense. Knowing the extreme value of these little cherubs, we have compiled them into a series called the ” PodBytes “.
    ” The advent of modern technology has not changed the need for a clear understanding and communication process to deliver information essential for manufacturing. The assumptions contained within the tech has, in real terms, made it more important to follow a clearly defined, industry recognised clinical process “
    Look for them on your journey through our site or on the bottom of communication to a fro. Please feel free to use these podbytes to help jog your memory, ease the day or share your knowledge with a friend.