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How do we check communication?

What can I do to check my intended communication has been understood?

Mutual grounding is the process by which communicating parties attempt to establish that what has been said, is understood.

Mutual grounding is fundamental to all forms of the communication process however is naturally “un-mentioned” in social contexts. Further reading on grounding can be found here, however, in short, it is a process by which participants (sender and receiver) communicate within the following framework:
  • Receiver attends to listening to what is to be delivered (review of work)
  • Receiver to identify what has been understood (design)
  • Mutual understanding of all parties of what is required in the work to be conducted (paraphrase response)
  • Intent to complete proposed works (authority to commence work / sign off)
  • How many of these occur in the modern manufacture of customised orthoses?

    The challenge for fully customised orthotic manufacture:

    Like any product manufacturer, particularly fully customised products, communication is an essential process to consistently manufacture high quality, medical grade custom foot orthoses. Without a planned and considered communication process, a simple work order can turn into an epic story of errors, misunderstanding, frustration, or even treatment disaster.

    Recent orthopaedic industry examples can be seen where the final products were misinterpreted, miss-designed, incorrectly assembled and poorly dispensed. What may be more evident in modern times, with modern ‘helpful’ software, is a vast erosion of the sender and receiver to understand what is being communicated in place for a more automated process.

    In this environment, a simpler non-bespoke product can all too easily supplant the desired fully bespoke product.

    Key questions to ask:
    • Who of you out there has scanned a foot without loading the joints?
    • When was I taught to do this technique?
    • Who taught me to do this technique, Academic or Salesperson?
    • What problems do I see in this technique?
    It is only after we answer these questions for ourselves, that we are truly able to answer them to the judge… whenever that may be… 🙂

    Manufacturing partners are essential to what we do. They are challenged with the reality of modern manufacture and in so, have become very good at recognising what it is we as practitioners are trying to say, and filling in the blanks to fit the mould that best suits their existing product or manufacture pathway. We are challenged by the natural manufacturing motivation to get the easiest and fastest way the costly manufacturing team to produce a device, so they can then compete on price…

    In orthoses manufacture, communication is a continual process where all participants try as clearly and accurately as they can, to convey thoughts, intentions and objectives through casts and/or written prescriptions.In today’s highly informational and technological environment it has become legally relevant for professionals to identify and acknowledge key deficits in the communication process. It is we, as the medically registered prescribing practitioners, that hold the responsibility to ensure devices are manufactured to correctly.

    If we look to other industries manufacturing comparable products, every production manufacturing system, this authority to proceed occurs at the design sign off. Everything that proceeds this point, if produced to instructions, is the legal and financial responsibility of the prescribing practitioner.

    This presents ongoing challenges for us to duly consider, quickly and easily authorise changes in manufacture each time it is required.

    Remember :
    Communication is successful only when both the sender and the receiver understand the same information.

    A quick PodByte.

    ” The advent of modern technology has not changed the need for a clear understanding and communication process to deliver information essential for manufacturing. The assumptions contained within the tech has, in real terms, made it more important to follow a clearly defined, industry recognised clinical process “
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