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Taking foot Impressions.. is this a lost artform ?

Advances in technology have certainly made many aspects of life easier over the past couple of decades & most of it, we don’t give a second though toward. Be it online shopping, booking holidays, filtering images for social media, technology is all around us and it’s ever impacting the way we do things and the ease at which we expect things to occur.

Is technology being correctly applied in our field?

How to check if my prescriptions are being understood?

There is a veritable flood of tools and techniques opening up in the industries surrounding the manufacture of orthoses for the human body. This can be seen nowhere more than the 3D scanning, Modelling, Design and Manufacture techniques presenting to those looking to manufacture custom orthoses. This technology is augmented with countless new communication and management platforms. Are we, as modern clinical professionals, prepared for the possibilities and challenges that these new processes present…?

applying the skills of our trade

Casting, scanning, assessing and submitting foot modelling data is easy right? Press a button, lights flash, the magic processing wheel turns, a 3D foot appears on our screen. Press another button and the lab has all they need!

Foot printing clinician Ian Drakard takes us through the processes of casting and/or scanning in preparation for sending information to a manufacturing lab…

Modern technology correctly applied.


Every now and then, something comes along that makes sense. Knowing the extreme value of these little cherubs, we have compiled them into a series called the ” PodBytes “.
” Did you know that the ‘designed lifespan’ of the material commonly selected for dorsal padding in foot orthoses ends well within two months of typical natural human movement. “
Check out lectures and discussion topics at our youtube site here where you will find a brief collection of tools designed to help you on your journey through the challenge of biomechanics, 3D design, manufacture and its delivery.

Invitation to Manufacture
Beautiful 3D Full Colour Orthoses

Apply to take part in our manufacturing pilot designed to weed out the communication and delivery issues in modern orthotic production.

From the Archive...

Clinical Toolkit One :
A Plantar Fascination...

Clinical guru Heidi Meckler takes you though the first of may discussion on the fascinating plantar fascia ligament(s) and it's pals. Starting at possible causes, through current thinking into handy diagnosis tools and treatments. A favourite of any busy clinic toolkit.

Three Critical Communication questions

Today we have virtually instant access to numerous tools and processes to convey information from our internal mind, to the world around us. This topic challenges us to consider the formats of communication when communicating to a manufacturing lab.

What do we choose to communicate?

As a human, we naturally don't want to (be seen by our peers) as getting things wrong. Manufacturing labs survive on practitioner custom, so naturally shy away from qualifying instructions in place for a model of interaction where the “customer is always right”...

The lost art of the Foot Impression

Resident MSK Podiatrist Heidi Meckler poses a few pertinent questions and discusses the situation of how we engage with the technology that we use to capture and communicate important information in our our busy professional lives…

What does good Communication look like?

Get this right and you will transform your clinical effectiveness. Manufacturing boffin Stuart Roeszler takes you through the basic anatomy of communication and provides some simple tools to apply when interacting with manufacturing labs.

Why orthoses cost so much...

“How much do you charge for shoe inserts?”
A reasonably common question in any clinic across the globe. Chief spartan spender Stuart Roeszler discusses the myths, misconceptions and mathematics of the equation and why the answer is actually "not enough".

Scanning & Casting:
Some Handy Bytes

Foot printing clinician Ian Drakard takes us through the processes of casting and/or scanning in preparation for sending information to a lab. Easy right? Press a button, lights flash, magic happens, orthotic made. Learn more about the future of our profession here...

Tools to check we have been understood

Briefly learn one of the many processes by which communicating parties interact with each each other and "attempt" to establish that what has been said, is understood by all participants. It will change your daily interaction with staff, patients, technicians and loved ones.

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